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Check Fabrics

If you can not find what you want please enquire.  Samples are available on request. If you require more than 5 samples please send a large letter stamped address envelope.  

 If you have your own material we can   make your curtains up for you. The price is  55 for a  standard unlined set  using 1" header tape or  65 lined using a cream poly cotton lining and a  1" header tape plus 8.50 p&p.

The following are a price guide for a standard set of curtain. Tie backs and a cream lining are included in the price unless other wise stated. If you require any more or you want different sizes  please enquire.

Some fabric's are fire retardant, but please remember when cooking in your campers to tie all curtains back as carelessness causes fires.  It is recommended that you secure all tie backs to the sides of your bus.

If you require loop top curtain tape please state when ordering .There is a charge of 20 extra  per set.

Magnets can be fitted into the curtains these are 8 per full set of curtains.

Please add 25 to the prices if you require a coloured lining or blackout lining.

Roof curtains between 20 & 40 depending on the sizes.


Glen check

Medium weight fabric,

lining's not included .Tie backs are included.

Suitable for curtains & loose covers.

Splits / Bays 165    T25's  175         T4's  95  (3 CURTAINS)

               Oyster                                  Russet                                  Earth                                       Pistachio                                 Denim                               Azure   



Westfalia plaid reproduction

light weight fabric.

lining's not included.

 All the little loop top gliders for the sliding door are included & 1 plastic tie back as OG

Splits / Bays 280   



Westfalia style plaid

 light weight fabric.

 lining's & tie backs are included . 


Splits / Bays 165   



,medium weight fabric.

lining's not included. Tie backs are included.

Suitable for both curtains &  loose covers.

Splits / Bays 165        T25's  170     T4's 105 (3 CURTAINS)


 Rust                Lilac                   Peach                  Apple                 Cornflower            Olive






All the colours below are available in a 1/4" 1/8" and a 1" gingham.

More colours are available please ask.

 Poly cotton Very Light  weight fabric,   

Suitable for curtains only

  lining's & tie backs are included . 

Splits / Bays 125  .          T25's 135     T4's 90 (3 CURTAINS) 


  Green                Pink                     Red                     Navy                   Sky                  Yellow               Brown           Purple




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