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Type 25 


Our T25 curtain sets are made up of  7  standard size curtains.2 for the cab,4 for the side windows and 1 for the rear. The rear curtain  can be split   in 2 there is no extra charge for splitting this curtain in 2. Please let us know when ordering .

If you  require  T25 westfalia curtain's please add £25 to the price of a complete set.

We can make T25 curtains for Danbury, Devons, Auto Sleeper and Autohomes  etc to the exact sizes of the originals if you require but please check prices first as some  prices vary as we need to use more fabric.

All curtains are on standard 1" curtain tape for use with  a separate gliders &  hooks.  If you require loop top  tape for the very  small gliders only please state when ordering. There is a £22 charge per full set for this tape.

The pattern on all fabrics will be facing inside the camper, if you want the pattern on the out side please state when ordering.

Please add £15 to the prices if you require a coloured or  blackout lining.

Roof curtains between £20 & £40 depending on the sizes.

All curtain sets are lined with an ivory poly cotton lining ( unless stated ) and come with a complete set of tie backs fastened together with a chrome stud (you attach the other half to the camper body side ) If you require Velcro please state .

It is advisably to securely tie all tie backs to the sides of your camper.  

We also make Scatter cushions which are £8 each , bolster cushions £45 a pair  & table cloths 30"x 36" to match £12 each.

   If you can't find what you are looking for and you have found your own material we can still  make curtain set's up for you. We charge  £75  per set including an ivory poly cotton lining and 1"curtain tape 0 postage.

 Guide Sizes or standard set's.

The sizes below are taken from the top of the tracking.

Front  81" X 26" ( 2 of )

Near side  54" x 26" ( 2 of )

 Off side   54" X 19" / 21"  please confirm  if you have furniture  if not  you will receive  24" drop ( 2 of )

Back  52" X 26" ( 1 of ) this curtain has a slight shape to fit the window.

If completing the order form please remember to state any special sizes of your curtains & if possible which tracking / tape you have, as every camper is different.

Most orders take around  14  days to fulfil but in busy times may take up to 4 weeks.

Postage is £10 recorded

Please note that once a deposit has been taken this is non refundable.

 We also supply Silent Gliss  & G-Rail curtain tracking & all fitting's.

In some T25 conversations the curtains are attached with Silent Gliss loop top gliders and do not use a hook.

Square gliders


Pack of 25 gliders £6.95 including postage


Loop top gliders


Pack of 25 gliders£4.50 including postage


All fabric's can been found on the  fabric page.

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 If there is anything which you are unsure about please do not hesitate to contact us .
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